Welcome to Unawatuna, I would like to share with you a few facts about our restaurant and the authentic food we serve.

Sri Lankan cuisine is a very healthy diet with the staple foods being rice and pulses. Many of the dishes were originally created for their health benefits and these foods are commonly used in Sri Lankan cooking to this day. The majority of Sri Lankan's are Buddhist and a large percentage are vegetarians and therefore many Sri Lankan dishes are vegetable based. When preparing a meal for her family a Sri Lankan mother would ensure she served a balanced meal consisting of a selection of vegetarian dishes, (optional meat/fish dish) and rice. This is the way my mother always prepared our meals and I recommend you choose your dishes from the menu in this way too.

A little about the name Unawatuna...

Unawatuna is a fishing town on the south western coast of Sri Lanka, popular with tourists for its beautiful beaches. However, there is a lot of history in its name.

Unawatuna traces its roots to the great epic the Ramayana. In the mythological epic, the monkey-warrior Hanuman was sent back to India to fetch the four medicinal herbs by Jambavan namely, mritasanjeevani, vishalyakarani, suvarnakarani and sandhani from the Himalayas in order to heal Lakshman who was wounded trying to save the abducted Princess Sita from the demon King Ravana. Hanuman failed to identify these herbs, so he lifted the entire mountain and carried it to the battlefield to try to save Lakshman, but in the process, a chunk of it "fell-down" in the location of the present day Unawatuna, the name of the village Unawatuna derives from the meaning "fell-down".

Chef Sudu and how he started cooking...

Sudu learned the majority of his cooking skills at his mother's side helping her to prepare family meals at home in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Since then he has developed these skills working alongside other chefs and on his own (with the occasional call to his mother for tips).

I hope you enjoy our favourite tastes of Sri Lanka.